2015 Gift Guide | For the Homebody

Happy December everyone! It's our favorite month and a great day to start off gift ideas for the homebody! Continuing on our 2015 Holiday Gift Guide, we've stopped at one of our favorite online shops, Leif out of Brooklyn, N. Y.  Owner Stacey Anne Longenecker has exquisite taste for all things home, and her online shop is always so beautiful to post.  All of these ideas are for the homebody in mind starting with a gemstone magnet set that would brighten anyone's modern fridge to Leif's very own bath soak salts in beautiful + bright coloured packaging. Let's take a look!

(Above) 1.  Gemstone Magnet Set, 2.  Jellyfish Series Small Planter, 3.   Floral Table Runner , 4.  Serpent Pillow , 5.  Hibiscus Bath Soak, 6.  Constellation Matches

7. Palette Swatch Pillow, 8.Incausa Incense Sticks, 9. Saguaro Cactus Ring , 10. Gold Glazed Porcelain Dish, 11. Gingham Stripes Scarf, 12. Tisane Votive Candle,

13. Pinched & Glazed Vase, 14. Outline Tea Towel, 15. Palm Leaf Print , 16. Secret Garden Colouring Book, 17. Seaweed Bath Soak , 18. Fluoro Fringe Cushion

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Jan Halvarson


Emily said...

The bath soaks look amazing! I have the Secret Garden coloring book and absolutely love it.


Jan Halvarson said...

Emily - it does! And yes the Secret Gard we love also!