DIY Paper Flower Wreath

It's been a little paper flower happy around here these days and it was inevitable a wreath was just around the corner.  The flowers are a smaller version of the big paper flower faux holiday tree we made last week and I added a new cabbage-style rose too.  These flowers are actually a lot easier than you would think - once you get the hang of it.  The roses are the most complicated, but even those, once you do one or two you should be well on your way. Here's how we made it:

Materials Needed

For the Flowers:
Crepe paper and tissue paper
Pipe cleaners or a thinner floral wire
Glue Stick
Glue Gun

For the Wreath:
Floral wire (19" long) or wire wreath (12" diameter) already made (if opting for the wire and making your own, just make sure it's a thicker wire so that it's strong)
Paper Flowers (once made)
Gold Eucalyptus branches or something similar (we picked ours up at Michael's)
Glue Gun

To Make
We didn't take step by step photo's for this as it is pretty straight-forward.  But first, make your paper flowers.  For instructions on how to make paper flowers, visit our DIY Paper Flower Faux Tree tutorial for visuals.  To make a cabbage rose follow the rose DIY there, but replace the center of the rose with a ball of scrunched up crepe paper; just roll up a 5" x 20" piece of crepe paper, then scrunch into a nice ball.  Glue gun the petals onto the center until you have the size of rose you'd like.
For a 12" diameter wreath we made:

5 cabbage roses (4 pink and 1 fushia)
5 regular roses (3 pink and 2 fushia)
3 small cream coloured carnations
2 larger fushia carnations
3 to 3 eucalyptus branches

To make a wreath, take 3 (19" long) thicker floral wires and connect them together, creating a circle.  It should turn into approx. a 12" diameter wreath.  Wrap the eucalyptus branches around half of the wreath, wrapping so that they are secure.  You could glue gun on to secure, but ours was okay without.  On the other side, start to place the flowers starting with smaller flowers at the top end, wrapping each flower around the wires using the flower's floral wires.  For the smaller cabbage roses, if you didn't make a stem, you can glue these directly onto the wreath using the glue gun. Continue placing the flowers along, going larger in the center, and then back to smaller at the other end.  And voila! That is it!

Jan Halvarson


Bella B said...

Thats so pretty and looks simple enough that I could do it!! Im not very crafty!!

Jan Halvarson said...

Bella B - it is! You should try it!