DIY | A Floral Wall Holiday Tree + Paper Flower Tutorials

Maybe this holiday season finds you in a condo in Hawaii (dream), or maybe you just don't feel like a big to-do! A fun take on a wall holiday tree using paper flowers was the goal for this project. This tree is such an easy one to make, and perfect for those that aren't able to have an actual tree this year. Grab some tissue and crepe paper, a few flower wires, masking tape and you're set!  One flower takes only 10 or 15 minutes to make (well the roses longer), but still, a project that can be made in an afternoon for sure.  And so easy to pack!

For some, we used the Martha Stewart Pom Pom Kit - Poppy Flowers and then for the others we made a few of our own in different sizes.We went for some very loose-style roses and carnations.  Super-easy to make and you can decide on how large or small you wish to make them. Click below to see how we make them.

Paper Roses
For the roses we made a looser version of the DIY Paper Rose tutorial by Kate Alacron of The Cobra Lily that we published in our Poppytalk Summer Issuu publication (see the tear out sheets below).

This is probaby the easiest of them all.  It takes a few layers of tissue paper and some floral wire and you're done.  We remember making smaller versions of these as children for weddings (mostly) to decorate the wedding cars, and can be made a couple of ways (with or without the extra frilly center).

You will need:
Tissue paper, crepe paper, floral wire, scissors and a glue gun.

Step 1
Gather 3 to 4 layers of tissue or crepe paper. Fold the crepe paper (accordian style) all the way through to the end.

(Optional) Trim the ends to create a round petal (if you like).

Step 3
(Also optional) If you wish to make a frilly center or you just wish to make a frilly flower (without the big petals around it, do this step which basically takes 3 or 4 layers of crepe paper, cut to whatever size you like. We made ours about 7 inches long and then trimmed the edges with a bit of a fringe on each side (top and bottom).  To add to the bigger part of a tissue flower, go to the next step.  To make a frilly flower, fold (accordian style), wrap a wire in the center and start to fluff out each layer pulling it toward the center.

Step 4
If adding the frilly center to a larger tissue flower,  fold it (accordian style), into the center of the tissue (as seen below).

Step 5
Wrapp the center with floral wire, making the leftover long piece of the wire come out of the bottom end of the flower.

Step 6
Start fluffing!  Pull each layer towards the center of the flowers till all of the layers are pulled through.

Make a Wall Tree
Place masking tape to the back of the floral wire from each flower and slowly add to the wall, starting with the smaller flowers at the top, adding larger ones and interspersing smaller ones as you go down, creating the shape of spruce tree.  Decorate with branches (we used glitter-gold eucalyptus), by slipping them in behind each flower. 

And that's it!  A super-easy tree alternative, perfect for the holiday condo, office or wherever this year's holiday takes you!

Jan Halvarson



I love making crepe paper flowers, I decorated my room with crepe flowers once. This is super pretty idea & very nice step by step guide.. Love it. Thanks for sharing!

Jan Halvarson said...

Thanks Khadija