The Ultimate Halloween Party | One Table - Three Ways

This post is in partnership with Value Village, part of Savers family of thrift stores which includes Value Village stores in the U.S. and Canada, Savers stores in the U.S., Village Des Valeurs stores in Quebec and Unique Thrift stores in the U.S. During Halloween, stores stock their shelves with new packaged costumes, makeup, wigs, accessories and home decor – perfect to combine with the secondhand clothing and accessories. It’s absolutely your one-stop shop for Halloween. Go to the store locators at or to find a thrift store near you.

When asked by Value Village to create a spooky tablescape for their Ultimate Halloween Party on Pinterest, we were so down! Not only is Halloween one of our favorite occasions, but Value Village is an amazing place to visit for all things ghost and goblin—have you been there this time of year? We also love the impact they make on local communities. Value Village partners with nonprofit organizations in each community where they have stores. Last year alone, they paid nearly $200 million to its nonprofit partners for donations of clothing and household goods, and $1.5 billion over the last 10 years. Plus thrifting makes an amazing impact on the environment. Value Village keeps more than 650 million pounds of reusable goods from landfills each year- the equivalent in weight to more than 13,000 Redwood trees!

Not only is there a wide variety of costume ideas at affordable prices, the opportunities for DIY abound. With a little creativity one can customize clothing, accessories, art, home décor and furniture.

Along with us, Value Village has also partnered with three other bloggers (Jenny Cookies, Sugar & Charm and StudioDIY) for this Ultimate Halloween Party on Pinterest, each with specific assignments related to Halloween. Find the links at the bottom of this post, as well as a link to Value Village's Pinterest page, where you'll find more Halloween-themed home décor and costume inspiration for the whole family!

Three Spooky Tablescapes 
As we walked down each aisle of our local Value Village, it started to be evident that this was going to be harder than we thought; all of these ideas started to fill our heads and the possibilities were endless. Ended up, one tablescape became three, three that we had to share with our readers. Lets' take a look!

Tablescape No. 1 |  Hitchcock
Halloween wouldn't be Halloween without a Hitchcock movie playing in the background, yes?  So inspired by The Birds, we set out with table number one.

To start, we found this really cool netted cobweb and spider-inspired tablecloth.  These became the backdrop for all three settings, and for the Hitchcock version we added, the telephone (that plays recorded haunted messages), a rusty looking LED lightbulb (which flickers on an off here and there), a black feather boa and of course a few skulls.

Clockwise:  Black feather boa, LED faux-rusted light bulb, black feather hat with net, telephone, skull

Tablescape No. 2 | These Eyes
We had a lot of fun with this!  When we spotted the eyeball masks, it was hard not to couldn't resist.  Takes us back to the days when we used to blindfold our friends and take them into a very spooky room where they had to dip their hands into the unknown, a bowl of brains (spaghetti), another filled with eyeballs (grapes)... you get the picture. (Plus we can use it mask later)!

Clockwise: Black feather boa, eyeball masks, spider web tablecloth

Tablescape No. 3|  Dracula
This was probably the most fun to create. We found some skull bandannas that we turned into serviettes and made napkin holders out of Vampire medallions.  Add in some spooky photographs, a couple lanterns, a few skulls and you're set!

Clockwise:  Spooky photos, skull bandannas, vampire medallions, skull, black roses, lantern

Visit Jenny Cookies, Sugar & Charm and StudioDIY for their contributions to this Ultimate Halloween Party! And visit Value Village's Pinterest page here for their Ultimate Halloween Party board.

Happy Halloween!

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Jan Halvarson


gabricci said...

I love all of these ideas - so macabre (but in an impossibly nice way!!). I myself am setting my Halloween table with a homage to E.A.Poe!


Gloria said...

So creative!! Where did you find the plastic (or rubber?) eyeballs and small snakes??