Monday's Greens + Yellows!


Gorgeous colours are happening in the #poppytalkfallcolours feed for Fall Colours Week which started today. Todays colours were yellow and green and it was fun to see such a great turnout. A few highlights.


Row 1: , ,
Row 2: , ,
Row 3: , ,


For those of you new to us here; to participate simply upload the colour of the day after 6pm Pacific to the #poppytalkfallcolours feed on Instagram. No product pics please. Tomorrows colours are orange and tangerine!  Here's the colour line up for the rest of the week!

Oct. 13/15 - Tuesday - #Orange + #Tangerine
Oct. 14/15 - Wednesday - #Red + #Burgundy
Oct. 15/15 - Thursday - #Aubergine/#Eggplant + #Browns
Oct. 16/15 - Friday - #Blue + #Greys

Thank you everyone for joining in!

Jan Halvarson


Pinecone Camp said...

Please never stop your colours much fun to play along! There were some beautiful posts yesterday!

Jan Halvarson said...

@Pineconecamp - thanks for playing along Janis! It wouldn't be the same without you!

Sonia / COZY MEMORIES said...

Exactly what I was going to say : always so much fun ! Thanks for sharing ! ox

Jan Halvarson said...

Sonia - always look forward to seeing your photos too!

Margie Oomen said...

full on colour here in ontario right now
wondering if you might switch wed and friday
since tomorrow should be blue jays day!!!