Dispatch from Sweden | The Sandberg Trend Report AW 2015

The Swedish-based wallpaper company Sandberg recently published their AW14 Fall Trend Report featuring four different themes.  As trends come and go, they ask, "how do we relate to them? Behind trends hide changes in values and norms, and if one can grasp and understand these one can also become more aware and sustainable in one’s consumption."  Food for thought.  As a side, we love the styled examples they created to visually explain. Let's check out the themes:

1. Essence
Reflected in everything from how we live, to what we put on the plate, Essence they explain, "stems from the enormous interest in sustainability and ecology seen across the world."From the attraction of lifestyles such as "slow living", people long for interaction with loved ones, quiet walks in the woods, etc. to balance a busy lifestyle and online global reality. "The aesthetics is subtly restrained and revolves around natural materials and textures in combination with carefully selected products in a peaceful whole."

2.  Nostalgia
Nostalgia is a trend we relate to well.  The trend with the most obvious flashbacks, they tell us "we are attracted by the secure life in the countryside, with the small context and the safe and secure home for the family. "The basic tone is light in combination with flowering, preferably historical patterns."

3. Play
Perhaps our favourite, Play is about playfulness and optimism. The folks at Sandberg explain how they are inspired by Sweden’s young designers "who cheerfully play with unexpected materials and color combinations."They see a new unrestricted minimalism emerge, "where DIY, IKEA hacks and colorful crafts come together against a Nordic minimalist backdrop of white and pastels. Basic materials are used in new ways with humor and unpretentiousness, and it’s the creative solutions that bring quality. The tone is graphic and modern at the same time as playing with chance and pigments breathes creativity."

With foreign travel steadily increasing, Lush embraces our increasingly international reality. Online we can experience travel from the best hotels and bars around the world all from the comforts of home. As we yearn for more personal expression, people wish to fill their homes with handpicked goods from around the world.  "We are attracted to exclusive materials such as green marble, velvet and brass, and the basic tone is preferably dusty and saturated. Art Deco is closely related to this trend, with its luxurious, optimistic tone."

We see a lot of these trends here also.  What would you add, what's your favorite? To see the full report visit sandbergwallpaper.com.

Via La Maison d'Anna G.

Jan Halvarson



Beautiful yet inspiring!

Ana de la Serna said...

So inspirig! Nostalgia is my favorite.

Unknown said...

Essence is my favorite...