8 Rad Weekend Projects to Try

Yay it's the friday and we hope you had a really good week! Can you believe it is now October? September flew right by and now the leaves are starting to change. We are planning a fall colors week on instagram which we hope to announce very soon. This week we came across some rad weekend projects that we bookmarked and as tradition has it, we like to share.  Here's 8 worth checking out!

1. Shag Rug Tutorial
by Lindsey Crafter

2. Copper Edged Mirror
by A Bubbly Life

3. Agate Slice Mobile
by Adorablest

 4.  Copper Candleabra
by Well Made Heart

5. Marble Surface Clipboard
by Ludorn

6. Brush Lettering Using Different Media
(Watercolour, Gouache and Sumi Ink)
by Jo of Zuer Designs for Surely Simple

7. Floral Fall Pumpkin
by Lindsey Crafter

8. Cacti Art
by We Are Scout

Jan Halvarson


Olivia said...

That rug! The mirror! The agate mobile! It's all too much, I can't take it! Liv x

adorablest.com said...

Thank you for mentioning my agate slice wall hanging! Claire @ adorablest.com

Lindsey Crafter said...

Thanks for including two of my most FAVORITE projects I've ever done, much love!