8 Beautiful Autumn Weekend Projects

Click below for eight beautiful projects that caught our eye this week.

1. DIY Black and White Vase
We love the drama of this project by Passion Shake

2.  Make Your own Walnut Ink
Make your own walnut ink for calligraphy from the husks of walnuts. Get the how-to from Julia Bausenhardt

3. Constellation Pumpkins
Pretty pumpkin carvings. Visit Fine and Feathered for the how-to.

4. Walnut Dye
How to make walnut dye for fabric. From Mayamade.

5. DIY Flower Press
Always difficult to find presses, so this DIY is a timely project to press all those beautiful autumn leaves. Get the how-to at The Merrythought.

6.  Fabric Storage Bins
Fall is always a good time to get a bit more organized. Try making these reversible fabric storage bins for a kids room.  From A Beautiful Mess.

7. DIY Leather Strap Hanging Shelf
A nice version of the leather strap hanging shelf by Burkatron.

8.  3D Printed Bauble Lights
We love technology and this project is super inspiring.  From Vintage Revivals.

Happy Friday!

Jan Halvarson


mobil izle said...

good post thanks!

Carolyn said...

I love these ideas!!! Definitely going to try some of these

Unknown said...

Thanks so much for including my b&w vase in your post - love all the ideas featured! :) x