10 Decor Ideas You Can Do Right Now from the 2015 IKEA Holiday Collection

We don't usually post about Christmas things until after Halloween, but IKEA's new holiday collection has some items that are so versatile, some of them could be used right now to spiff up a space, especially with Canadian Thanksgiving (next week) or pick up and save before they're all gone! A few favorites:

1.  STRÅLA star-shaped pendant lamp
(Above) We love the copper STRÅLA star-shaped pendant lamp which we think could hang out all year long really.  And the matching table light.

2. Bauble Heart DIY
How adorable is this?  For the holidays or for everyday?
VINTER 2015 decoration baubles 35/pack

3.  Fur Mini Wreaths
How adorable are these mini wreaths.
VINTER 2015 wreath

4. Make a Quiet Space
It's amazing what a few lights and a cozy space can do during the stressful period just before the hoidays. We like this one that could also sit in as a Christmas tree if need be. Place the presents inside and you're set! (Great idea for a holiday away from home).
VINTER 2015 top star and STRÅLA decoration for lighting chain, glass prisms

5. A New Doormat
A cute new doormat always freshens things up!
VINTER 2015 door mat

6. Make Things Just a Little Festive
The colours of these hanging decorations from the new holiday collection can make things just a little bit festive but not overly Xmas. Hang in the hall, or over a picture in the bedroom. Love the gem shaped ones!
VINTER 2015 hanging decorations and diamond shaped decorations

7. Star Bright
Enjoy a moment of stargazing. Great for decorating any window.
Assorted paper stars with different patterns and colours.
STRÅLA star pendant lamp.

8. Lace-Inspired Lanterns
Add these STRÅLA decoration lanterns to any light chain, or the larger pendants for a lacey feminine touch in any room.

9. Get Shopping Early
Always a dream this one.  But wouldn't it be nice for once to have everything ready early so you can just sit and enjoy the season?  Or maybe make a homemade Advent like the one below? Things like this always take time and thought. All about these shimmery pinks, blues and silver papers.
VINTER 2015 series. Gift wrap roll

10. Get Ready for Baking
Start collecting molds, containers, papers and liners now for holiday baking.
VINTER baking series

Jan Halvarson


Debbie said...

I love Christmas decorations but here it is still summer so quite early to talk about it :)
kisses from greece

Jan Halvarson said...

Debbie - summer in October - how lucky!

Marie Maglaque said...

Thank you so so much for this post! I am in the midst of preparing a Xmas exhibition that will start Nov.30 and I am so for the first time grateful that decorations will be in store early! I loved all of the ideas of this post and will certainly work out something lovely within budget <3