West Elm LOCAL Comes to Vancouver and Toronto

Clockwise: Forest & Waves, Reclaimed Print Co., Golem Designs, Love My Local

West Elm LOCAL is making its way to Toronto and Vancouver on October 1st. As part of the initiative, West Elm has partnered with local makers and designers to hand-pick unique, regionally-sourced pieces for both the Toronto and Vancouver stores.

West Elm LOCAL in Vancouver (above):
-       Handmade stationery and coasters from District Dogs Designs
-       Greeting cards, art prints and tea towels from Forest & Waves
-       Handmade ceramic planters from Golem Designs
-       Natural skincare products from Harlow Skin Co.
-       Handcrafted, FSC-certified cheeseboards from Love My Local
-       Art prints on reclaimed wood from Reclaimed Print Co.

Clockwise: D'Andrea Design, Son of a Woodcutter, Xenia Taler, Skipping Stone Soap

West Elm LOCAL in Toronto (above):
-       Handmade cork coasters from D’Andrea Design
-       Handcrafted, all-natural soaps from Skipping Stone Soap
-       Reclaimed wood coffee tables from Son of a Woodcutter
-       Handmade ceramic coasters from Xenia Taler

Jan Halvarson

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