Sean Knibb Negril Chairs at Poketo

Fun to find out the chairs we coveted in our Hotel Style post on the Line Hotel in LA's Koreatown are now for sale online and in store at Poketo in L.A. The Los Angeles-based designer, Sean Knibb combines modern furniture design with traditional woven art elements in his Negril Chair. The chrome-framed chairs are covered in traditional Mexican fabrics. The blue and brown chairs are covered in serape— a tight-knit, blanket-like shawl and the grey and purple chairs are covered in falsa, a blanket made in a heavier weight yarn.

More info at Poketo.

Image from Line Hotel

Jan Halvarson


Unknown said...

<3 Love those geometric planter stands. Any idea where they're from? I could use a few!

Jan Halvarson said...

Billie - they are also on Poketo's site - Eric Trine Planters

Anonymous said...

Nice plants too!