Best of 10 Years | 10 Most Popular DIY Posts

Over the past then years we have had a few posts we like to call "the posts that keep on giving". Some made by ourselves, others by some fantastic makers we've met along the way.  From a marble-ized watercolour mug using nailpolish to an Easter egg with a secret message hidden inside. Here's our top ten DIY posts ever!

1.  DIY Watercolour Mug
by The Merrythought for Poppytalk

2.  Easy Tiny Envelopes
by Ruth Beakley for Poppytalk

3.  Happy Hippity Hop
by Present & Correct for Poppytalk

4. How To Make a Wallet Out of an Old Cowboy Boot
by Jepsen Leather Goods for Poppytalk

5. Free Download | Botanical Prints
by Poppytalk

6. Print Your Own Fabric
by Maple Ash and Oak for Poppytalk

7. DIY Woven Lamp
by Bookhou for Poppytalk

8. Polymer Clay Heart
by Artmind for Poppytalk

9. Accordian Sconce DIY
by Poppytalk

10.  DIY Camping Mug Candle
by Heidi's Bridge for Poppytalk

Jan Halvarson


Norina said...

Hey Poppy. I love all of these DIY's. They mostly look really easy and I cant wait to try them out.
Norina xx

Jan Halvarson said...

Hi Norina,

Awesome, thanks for stopping by!

NeatoKeen@Etsy said...

I love the tiny envelopes and have lots of paper scraps that will work perfectly. I'm also going to try the marbleized mug...great ideas for even a non-crafty person like me! Happy 10 years!

Jan Halvarson said...

NeatoKeen - Yay! And thanks for the good wishes!

Bella B said...

So many creative people in this world! I am glad they share their inspiration.

xoxoBella |