9 Rad IKEA RAST Hacks

The IKEA RAST seems to be a popular pick for the DIY set.  The possibilities are rather endless and just recently we seemed to run into so many, we gathered them for a post.  From mid-century modern to even a Brownie Camera, here's nine rad makeovers worth bookmarking!

1.  The Box Camera Dresser
by Prodigal Pieces
How amazing is this paint job of a Brownie Camera? Get the how to here.

2. Slick + Modern
by Mid Western Girl
A slick modern version with some nice brass hardware.  Get the how-to here.

3. Traditional White
by Armelle
A clean white paint job makes for a nice traditional bedside table. Click here for more info.

4.  Mid-Century Modern + Bright
by Bliss at Home
We've mentioned this one here before, but can't be skipped! Love the yellow and white cut out in this makeover. Click here for more info.

5.  Weathered Grey DIY
by Live Love DIY
A pretty paint colour and hardware combination. Click here for the instructions.

6. Cool Woodgrain
by Livet Hemma
The faux wood of years past has stood the test of time with this project. Click here for more info.

7. French Farmhouse
by Serendipity Refined
Inspiration industrial-style.  Click here for more info.

8. A Decal DIY
by Petite Vintage Interiors
A clever idea using a decal kit.  More info here.

9. The Plank Look
by Cherished Bliss
A really cool way to get a faux plank look. Click here for the instructions.

Which is your favorite?
Click here for more IKEA hacks.

Jan Halvarson


Golly Miss Holly said...

#9 is definitely my favourite :D x


Jan Halvarson said...

Holly - :) - right? was thinking if we could do that to our kitchen cabinets.