9 New + Cool Decorating Tricks from IKEA Stylists

A dream job would be to work in Almhult, Sweden and create beautiful vignettes all day yes?  IKEA's stylists have to be some of the best out there. Here's 9 new vignettes, each with a cool decorating trick to bookmark from IKEA's Livet Hemma blog.

1. DIY - CROWN Rorschach
Inspired by the mythical Rorschach test and framed in the smaller RIBBA frames. Pull out google translator for instructions. Click here for the project.

Anna L-B, Livet Hemma redaktionen Livet Hemma
2. Boho in the Kitchen
We like this set up using the FINTORP rail close to both the stove and sink . Nice for hanging kitchen favorites on and double nice for when they are so handy . Hang up photos and quotes for an easy boho feeling.  See more here.

Kristin Lagerqvist, Krickelin för Livet Hemma
3. Stool Becomes End Table
The new SINNERLIG podium, designed Isle Crawford, makes the perfect bedside table as seen in this sweet and feminine bedroom. Click here to take a closer look.

Pella Hedeby, Livet Hemma-redaktionen
4. Cool Storage
The limited edition HEMSMAK collection opens infinite possibilities when it comes to organizing and storing. In addition to the kitchen and pantry, they are suitable for the creative studio also!

5. Curtain Rod Wall Hanging DIY
A vintage kimono becomes a nice decoration in this Japanese-inspired bedroom. Get the look with the SANNOLIKT curtain rod, and suspend a kimono. Click here for more info.

Pella Hedeby, Livet Hemma-redaktionen
6. An Autumn Moodboard
Paint directly on the wall or as here on a door or desktop that acts as a message board for an autumn mood boar. Click here for the details.

Pella Hedeby, Livet Hemma-redaktionen
7. Tea Towels Become Table Napkins
We love this scene for a late summer crayfish party.  The cool decorating trick though are those .69¢ white and red TEKLA tea towels, perfect for a set of table napkins for a small party.  Click here to see more.

8. Outdoor Carpet
Make picnicking outdoors super-lux by adding some plush carpet to the spread.  See more here.

9. Mix Old and New
Get ready for back to school with a fall palette, mixing old with new.  Click here to see more.

Anna L-B, Livet Hemma redaktionen

Jan Halvarson

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