Happy Canada Day + Poppytalk Summer Colours Week!

It's Canada Day today and while we revel in a little red and white activity we just wanted to drop in and announce we'll be hosting our 6th Annual Poppytalk Summer Colours Week next week on Instagram!  And if you haven't joined before, it's where each day we have a planned colour theme, and everyone posts to the hashtag #PoppytalkSummerColours —there's a few rules listed below.

Like last year we'll be posting a few of our faves from the feed on our instagram @poppytalk alongside our blog.  This year we're going for a rainbow effect which should look pretty beautiful in the feed. Here's the colour line-up!

July 6/15 - Monday - Reds + Pinks
July 7/15 - Tuesday - Orange + Yellows
July 8/15 - Wednesday - Greens + Turquoise
July 9/15 - Thursday - Blues
July 10/15 - Friday - Purples

Can't wait!

Important - please note: Be sure to wait till 6pm Pacific time the night prior to start posting the next day's colour! (And please no product pictures).   Come join us, it'll be fun!

Jan Halvarson


Lady Grey said...

Yay! I love Poppytalk colours weeks!
I love the rainbow idea too.

Jan Halvarson said...

Thanks Vanessa - love your participaction! The north is so beautiful.


Unknown said...

Lovely! I hope I'll find something each day, just fallen in love with instagram! :)

ursula said...

Yay! I'll set up a calendar reminder to remember when to post ;)