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The warmer weather is on and we're bringing back the "Best Of" posts again this summer!  This recipe for Vietnamese Coffee Popsicles was a fave last summer, and so we just had to repost it for those who missed it.  So so good!  Words and photos by Lyndsay Sung of Coco Cake Land.

Who else is a Vietnamese iced coffee fan? Thick, sweet, lightly caramel coloured sweetened condensed milk with dark roast coffee poured over ice - heaven! These milky Vietnamese coffee popsicles might just become your new favourite - creamy, icy and milky sweet and the easiest assembly ever, thanks to instant coffee granules! If you have a 1 litre (4 cup) liquid measuring cup, this will be even easier. Summer weather - bring it on!

Yield: 12 popsicles

You Will Need:

1 tablespoon of instant coffee granules
1 cup of hot water (hot from the tap works if your water is safe to drink, or you can lightly boil it)
1 can of sweetened condensed milk
1 can of evaporated milk
Popsicle molds of your choice

Make It!

1. In a 1 litre liquid measuring cup or a large bowl, whisk together the instant coffee and hot water until incorporated.
2. Pour in the can of sweetened condensed milk and the can of evaporated milk.
3. Whisk to combine all ingredients completely.
4. Pour liquid into popsicle molds.
5. Freeze for at least 4 hours or overnight.
6. Run hot water over your popsicle mold to help loosen the pops. Carefully lift your popsicles out, and enjoy! Woot!

So incredibly easy, and best of all - creamy dreamy coffee delicious! Now that I've shared my easy popsicle recipe, I'd love to know - what's your favourite ultra easy popsicle mix, or something you've been meaning to try? 

Lyn­d­say Sung is a baker and blog­ger at Coco Cake Land. She loves super cute cakes, sweet design and snacks. She lives in Van­cou­ver, Canada with her hus­band and tod­dler son.

Jan Halvarson


Dana Joy said...

I am a HUGE fan of Vietnamese coffee. I must try these!! Thanks for the recipe.

Di said...

what size can of evaporated milk and what size can of condensed milk..remember in the USA they have bigger cans than in Europe.

Jan Halvarson said...

Hi Di - 300ml!!!