20 Insanely Cute Tutti Frutti DIYs

No matter how you slice it, in the DIY world, fruit keeps going strong. From watermelon to pineapples, from balloons to planters, here's a few projects all with some tutti frutti in mind! Perfect for a summer party!

1. DIY Fruit Slice Balloons
by Studio DIY

Learn how to make these fruit slice balloons here.

2.  DIY Succulent Pineapple Planter
 by Lines Across

Get this pineapple planter DIY here.

3. Watermelon Wrapping Paper
by Alice and Lois

Get the watermelon printables here.

4. Mini Fruit Pinatas
by Persia Lou

Get the how-to here.

5. DIY Watermelon Nail Art
by The Crafted Life


6.  DIY Potato Stamp Fruit and Veggie Tea Towel
by Say Yes

Get the instructions here.

7. DIY Fruit Planters
by Let's Mingle Blog

Get the DIY here.

8.  DIY Watermelon Art
by Little Inspiration

 Get the instructions here.

9.  Pretty Pineapple Printable
by Oh So Lovely

 Get the printable here.

10.  DIY Summer Snack Trays
by Studio DIY

Get the instructions here.

11. Pineapple Print Download
by Maiko Nagao

Get the printable here.

12.  Watermelon Tote
by Madame Citron

Get the instructions here.

13.  DIY Pineapple Pinata
by Studio DIY

Get the how-to here.

14. Printable Fruity Chocolate Bar Wraps
by Camille Styles

Get the printables here.

15.  DIY Fruit Magnets
by Homey Oh My

Get the instructions here.

16. Fruit Slice Umbrellas
by Stuio DIY

Get the how-to here.

17. DIY Fruit Macarons
by Sugar and Cloth

Get the instructions for the macarons here.

18. DIY Fruit Tissue Honeycomb Balls
by The House that Lars Built

Get the instructions here.

19.  Fruit Welcome Mats
by The House that Lars Built

Get the instructions here.

20. DIY Fruit Balloons
by The House that Larts Built

Get the how-to here.

and just found one more....
21. Fruit Kabob Cookies
by Vickie Liu

Learn how to make them here.

Jan Halvarson

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Alison at home said...

Wow love all of these!! So bright and colourful. The umbrellas are great, will really brighten up a dull rainy day. The watermelon wrapping paper is also cool, think I'll give this a go next time I have gifts to wraps

Alison At Home!