11 Cool Summery DIY Accessories

For a change of pace, a few select DIYs to make for yourself on a lazy summer day. 11 cool summery accessories!

1. Beach Hat
by My Little Secrets

An adorable beach accessory using a hat from Joe Fresh. Click here for the how-to using sequin trim.

2. DIY Grid Pouch
by Homey Oh My!

3. Three Minute Necklace
by Bambula

Get the super easy instructions here. (in Finnish).

4. DIY Boho Braided Leather Choker 
by Love Maegan

Click here for instructions.

5. Painterly Nail Wraps
by Ashley G for Museum Nails

If you can't do this fancy stuff on your own, these Ashley G nail wraps will do the trick. Click here for the link!

6. DIY Boho Necklace
by Mark Montano

Make this beautiful summery necklace using lace pieces, beads and design adhesive paint. Click here for the how-to!

7. Lip Print Scarf
by Make and Tell

A fun print for a cool summer night. Get the instructions here!

8.  Geo Stackable Rings
by Maritza Lisa

A cool project for a sunny afternoon using air dry clay and ring blanks. Get the how-to here.

9. Make a Merit Badge
by Julie Schneider for the Etsy blog

Merit badges made by David Morgan, Kim Konen, Adriane Tidona, Clare McGibbon, and Julie Schneider.

An oldie, but still a goodie and a perfect summer DIY accessory! Make these cool merit badges embroidery-style! Get the how to here.

10. Sashiko Some Jeans
by BLDG25

Add some accessory to your jeans with sashiko. Click here for the how-to.

11. DIY Summer Adventure Journal
by BLDG25

Create your own summer adventure journal with pieces you love.  From the folks over at BLDG25.

Jan Halvarson


Unknown said...

Squee! Thanks SO much for the link love!

theme fragrance said...

I love the embroidery ideas! I used to embroider my jeans ,and use some crazy fabric patches. Such a fun summer look on faded blue jeans.