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Following our visit last week to Provide to see Barter Design Co.'s latest works (see blog post here), we talked with designer Kenny Torrance on his latest 'Charred' Revolve Series. We found the process interesting and Kenny sent over some photos so we could get a little more connected; we thought they were worth sharing here on the blog.  Here's what he told us.


"Barter looks at the Revolve series as a storytelling object about different methods, materials and history. They act as a sustainable canvas firstly to reconnect people to western red cedar as a valuable resource, within BC manufacturing processes and capabilities, then secondly opening up the thinking around natural processes; such as weathering, burning, tinting from different natural elements. It will be an ever growing and evolving line of parts and pieces bringing on new stories, with a rich connection to nature and local manufacturing methods and potential."

The result is a beautiful series; and even more stunning in person. The colour is a beautiful dark charcoal with a surprising smooth texture. Let's take a look at the process:

See more images from the Revolve series and other works from Barter Design Co. on Provide Home's website at

Jan Halvarson

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