New Collab | Gallant & Jones + Dawn Surf

Vancouver-based Gallant & Jones (the company that makes those gorgeous deck chairs) is back this season collaborating with local Vancouver shaper, Dawn Surf. Together, they've created two new surfboards, each hand shaped for specific surfing styles and enjoyment. Gallant & Jones helped to design the aesthetics and left all the tech-nical stuff to Shane Janssen of Dawn Surf who has been surfing his whole life.

The Watermelon Surf Board
Off white resin tint gives it a solid stringer-less look in the bottom of the board. Complimenting the whites is the popular G&J watermelon fabric inlay on the top deck, as seen on their Deck and Beach Chairs. This custom pin tail thruster is a quick little fellow. Designed for small to medium sized waves, this set up would be a great all rounder to add to your quiver. It has a shallow, single concave with a flatter rocker for more speed and hold down the line. It hides a good bit of volume in the centre of the board with nice tapered rails. Click here for more info.

Good Vibes Surf Board
A turquoise board with mahogany wood inlay on the tail and white fin box. The top has a sweet new Gallant and Jones pattern. Designed for small fun waves, this little pin tail nug is a fun retro style short board. It has a flat bottom with a light rocker and oodles of volume spilling out into longboard style rails and up to the nose which helps make catching waves a breeze.  Click here for more info.

All photos by Janis Nicolay. Visit Gallant and Jones online at

Jan Halvarson


TmS said...

Those surfboards look awesome, if only I could surf...or lived near the sea!

Ana de la Serna said...

I llove them!! So cool!