Make a Wooden Arrow

Today we're sharing a fun project from the latest issue of Ideas Magazine. After a big wind storm we had last week, there are heaps of sticks laying everywhere ready to be foraged and this wooden arrow project would be perfect to use them in. The project was created by Lizel Cloete with photos by Ed O'Riley with extra styling by Carin Smith, all courtesy from Ideas Magazine.

You Will Need
- straight sticks of about 1-1.5 cm thick
- wood stain (optional)
- wood screws
- wood glue
- black marker
- basic woodworking tools
(hammer, saw, clamps, file, etc.)

To Make
1. Make a paper template of an arrow shape that you like —use a sheet of newspaper and draw the arrow to the desired size.
2. Lay out the sticks alongside each other on your paper template and mark where to saw them off to form the arrow shape.
3. Saw another two pieces that are wide enough to nail the sticks to, at the top and bottom.
4. Glue the arrow sticks to the two pieces cut in step 3 and leave to dry overnight — clamp them, or put somehting heavy on top, to force the sticks together so they are securely attached.
5. Nail the sticks to the two pieces.
6. Cut the arrow shape as marked in step 2, using a wood saw.
7. File the ends with a wood file and apply wood stain to darken the wood. Use the arrow as a centrepiece for a table, or hang on the wall.

To see this project and more others like it, visit Ideas Magazine available online through

Jan Halvarson


Claire said...

Love this think it would look great in my garden seating area

Unknown said...

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Elsa said...

This looks really pretty!