DIY IKEA Hack - Copper End Table

This idea we've been thinking about doing for ages, and finally after we got a hold of copper spray paint it happened.  Another super-easy project/hack. This time using an old melamine tray from IKEA and a vintage camping stool. It literally took five minutes to do.

You will need:
Round (or square) melamine tray (IKEA makes a new series every year - click here to see)
vintage or new folding camping stool
Spray paint (we used copper metal)
Velcro with sticky back.

How To:
No real instructions needed, this project is again, pretty straight-forward.  Just place a clean dry tray face up on some newspaper,  and start to spray to cover the original design on the tray.  Let dry about a half hour, check and spray areas missed and let dry again (only takes about 30 minutes to an hour).  Place on top of foldable chair.  If you want to secure it,  place velcro with sticky back on both the bottom of the tray and align with the chairs' wooded edges.  Done!

Happy Tuesday!

Jan Halvarson


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Leticia said...

I love this idea!!!

Vil said...

We're moving into an unfurnished flat and as a students with a limited budget, I'll definitely give this DYI a try! Thanks! x