An Award-Winning Villa in a Swedish Forest

This architect-designed, award-winning villa is located in Törnskogen Sollentuna, Sweden,  a unique parcel of land located inside a six square kilometer wilderness area in the Sollentuna municipality. Largely, a nature reserve. We're loving the beautiful spiral white staircase that seems to be the focal point of the home and how the windows open up into the forest. The house is considered one of Sweden's most interesting according to the Swedish Association of Architects. Let's take a look!

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Jan Halvarson


♥ popeyetalk said...

Most boring house I´ve ever seen! So unimaginative... the only thing alive in this desolate construction lack of loving, is the forest around it.

kreetta said...

I guess this is more about surrounding forest and the light combined with simplicity of the house and minimalistic way of decoration. Leaves a lot space to scenery. Calming, I think. But in my house I have way too many details everywhere so I miss a bit that feeling.