5 Minute DIY - Copper Planter Pots

Don't have enough nice display pots? Need a temporary solution? Or maybe you just want to gift someone a little thank you plant. Turn those black plastic planter pots into something a little more presentable in just five minutes!

You will need
Plants (in plastic pots)
Copper spray paint
About five minutes

Seriously, this project really is such a no brainer, so no instructions needed. But just a few tips: Place the (emptied + cleaned) pots upside down on some spread out newspaper. Maybe secure the paper down so the wind doesn't blow it up against the pots while spraying and drying, and start to spray.  It dries super fast, so check it in a half hour or so and touch up any missed spots.  Let completely dry, maybe an hour and la voila!

Happy Monday!

Jan Halvarson


Greenhouse said...

Freakin' genius!!! And so pretty!!!

Jan Halvarson said...

Thanks Greenhouse!

ursula said...

Oh my goodness, brilliant. Pinned!

Anonymous said...

Simple, but so effective!!

Jan Halvarson said...

Ursula - Thanks!

Jan Halvarson said...

adorablest - yay!

Unknown said...


Unknown said...

They look great! LOve the idea