IKEA | Summer In the City + Sweden!

RAMSÖ umbrella, SOMMAR 2015 Beach Towel, SOMMAR 2015 cushion cover

Ikea is launching their summer collection this month with the idea that you needn't travel far to enjoy the weather this year. Relaxing in the country or by the beach is lovely but sometimes it's not always possible, so with a little help from their affordable furniture, textiles, plant accessories and lighting, you can create a personal oasis that makes your summer exactly what you want it to be.

Poppytalk is heading to Sweden for the first time ever this weekend to attend Ikea's 'Democratic Design Days' and are super excited for the adventure ahead! If you have any tips of where to eat and shop and explore in Copenhagen, Malmo or Almhult, would love to hear! Hope to be posting on Instagram if you wish to follow along!

(A sneak peek of the collection below).

Happy Friday!

GÅRÖ/RISÖ hammock
beach chair

HÅMÖ chaise |
LED solar-powered floor lamp
BITTERGURKA watering can | SÖTCITRON self-watering plant pot

BITTERGURKA hanging planter | BITTERGURKA watering can

SOMMAR 2015 series

Jan Halvarson


nolavola said...

a beautiful and convenient to enjoy the summer collection!

Pinecone Camp said...

Way to go Jan! Have a fantastic time. The summer collection looks great!

Jan Halvarson said...

Thank you Janis!