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Earlier this week I stayed in Malmö while attending IKEA's Democratic Design Day. It was a whirlwind of a trip, but I managed to sneak in a few outings near the hotel I was staying in, checking out some shops and street scenes along the way.  The city was easy to fall for with it's beautiful cobbled streets and beautiful architecture (especially near the old city hall). To get there from Vancouver I traveled via Frankfurt and then on to Copenhagen.  From Copenhagen I took the train via the Øresund Bridge. There is a train directly from Copenhagen's Airport (Kastrup) to Malmö that travels underneath the bridge and takes only 20 minutes. Such an easy way to travel!  I put together a few images and a few travel tips along the way.  Check it out!

Øresund Bridge

The Øresund Bridge connects Copenhagen to Sweden and is a cool way to see the countryside. The train runs underneath the bridge deck and connects through a tunnel to the underground stations. A ticket from Copenhagen Airport (Kastrup) to Malmo is 105 SEK or approximately $15 CAD. Loved their purple trains and check out the video below of Malmo's Central train station. A cool art film on the wall.

Purple trains
Malmö Central Station

I stayed at the Comfort Hotel Malmö located about 150 metres from Malmö Central Station,  it has a fun rock vibe and offers a free breakfast (smorgasbord-style) with your stay.  Also of note, in the Malmö Central Station building there are casual places to eat (I picked up a delicious panini-style cheese, salami and tomato sandwich (approx 40SEK) there that was pretty awesome), as well there is a supermarket which carries just about everything from yogurt to beer!

Comfort Hotel Malmö

Dining room at Comfort Hotel Malmö

Lobby at Comfort Hotel Malmö
Lobby at Comfort Hotel Malmö

A toasting and juice station for breakfast

Malmö is apparantly the 7th-most bicycle friendly city in the world, check out this 15 second video I took of a morning in Malmö.

Bike parking at Malmö Central Station
I visited two really cool shops while in Malmo, which I will write about in separate posts (coming soon).  Granit and Lagerhaus. I have heaps of pictures, (stay tuned)!

A few street scenes:

Can you see the bird?

Isn't it a quaint place? I loved Malmo and could easily have stayed a few more days. Stay tuned for our two shop tours, I think you'll love them!

Jan Halvarson

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