A Good Dog Day Afternoon

Our family dog, Roy had a birthday earlier this year, and somehow we completely missed it!  So to honour him (and to capture his cuteness right now), we thought a collection of things with his face on them, would be perfect!  We grabbed one of our favorite photo's of him (the "take me outside stare"), erased the background and turned it into a black and white in Photoshop and had a little fun online at Staples Copy & Print service.  Check them out!

A puzzle!  

So fun something like this is!  Our son loved putting it together and we were thinking it would make a fun party favour! It comes in it's own cute box too(with the same image on it)!

A Mouse Pad!

We're fighting over this one!  And such a large size (great when you're creating stuff and need space to move the mouse around). 

A T-Shirt!  
A fun idea to commemorate something like a wedding, baby or a cute dog!

These were super-fun to make and we are now thinking up what else we could print!  Definitely addictive!

For more DIY ideas using photos, click here or visit the new Staples' Copy & Print site.

(This post is sponsored by Staples' new Copy & Print. Thank you for supporting the brands that support Poppytalk.)

Jan Halvarson

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