10 Awesome IKEA Hacks by IKEA

1. DIY Built-In Shelf
Transform a doorway ino a built-in shelf with the help of RIBBA picture ledges. More info here.

2. Customize a Terracotta Planter
An easy summer DIY that dries quickly in the sun. Shown here INGEFARA. Click here to see more.

3. DIY Marbling
With just a few strokes, givethe KNUFF magazine file a marbling look. Get the instructions here.

4. Macrame Hanging Planters
A nice macrame hanger DIY using ASKER storage jars.  Click here for more info.

5. Art for Your Walls
Make your own personal message posters framed in RIBBA frames; letters become decorative shapes when enlarged. More info here.

6. DIY Pillow With Tassels
Inspired by the fashion of spring where the fringes hanging from long jackets and bags , IKEA makes a simple DIY with colorful tassels on pillows made from their textile department . Click here for instructions.

7. Faux Marble Top Desk
Another example of marble-style contact paper, this time to decorate a desk! Click here for more.

8. DIY Wood Burned Utensils
Wood burning with style. Love these wood burned kitchen utensils. Click here for more info.

9. A Wardrobe Hack
The BIRKELAND wardrobe gets customized with a little colour! Click here for more.

10. A Forest Dinner
Not really a hack but quite the set up! Love this forest dinner setting. Click here for more info.

Jan Halvarson


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Unknown said...

Really cool ideas..keep them coming..love looking at these photos and great ideas!!!

Unknown said...

Really cool ideas...keep them coming..love these photos and great ideas!!!