The Oh Joy! Book + Farmers' Market Bag How-To!

Today we're excited to share with you a project from Joy Cho's new and latest book, Oh Joy, 60 Ways to Create & Give Joy. The book (out today), is a gorgeous and colourful hard cover guide, featuring a heap of stylish projects, from home decor to food to fashion.  What we like about it is that in a world where time is of the essence, Joy offers quick, fun and unique ideas to create pretty things for yourself or for others!  Today we're sharing a how-to on how to make this super-easy Farmers' Market bag.  A bright and colourful bag that you can tote around, and pull out for your weekly trip to the market.  Here's how to make it!

You will need:
• Neon cord (shown: Parachute Cord, 550 Cord, in neon pink)
• Wire (a thick stringing wire, such as 9 gauge)
• ½-inch copper coupling

1. Make an 8-inch circle with the stringing wire (create little hooks on each end and clasp them together).

2. The length of the strands of rope you use will determine the size bag you get. Cut an 80-inch piece of cord and wrap it around the wire circle. Secure the end by tying it into a knot. This will be your drawstring.

3. Cut 15 pieces of 60-inch cord.
4. Wrap each piece of rope onto the circle wire, going all the way around. Once all pieces of rope are on the circle wire, take 2 cords and tie them into a knot. Work around the circle to tie the rest of the cords.

5. To secure the end, tie the loose strands together by cutting another piece of cord and wrapping it around tightly and tying a double knot. Cut any longer loose strands.

6. Carefully remove the circle wire, taking care not to cut the cord that you wrapped around the wire.
7. Untie the knot at the top and put in the copper coupling, which will now serve as a drawstring. Tie the end of the rope at the top into a secure knot.
8. Turn the bag inside out so that the end of the bag with the excess rope is on the inside.


All photo's by Casey Brodley.

Oh Joy, 60 Ways to Create & Give Joy is available through

Jan Halvarson

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