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It's so exciting to see so many new books coming out right now from all of our wonderful acquaintances online and one of our favorites has to be Wilma's World: Good Advice from a Good Dog by Wilma the Dog (and pet of Berkeley ceramicist, Rae Dunn).  Having been fans of Rae Dunn's work for many many years now, we have also come to virtually know Wilma, her beloved Jack Russell Terrier who has popped up on several occasions online, even with her own blog.  In the book introduction, Rae mentions how when she first touched clay, she found her voice and when she first photographed Wilma, she found hers. So how genius to have Wilma write a book.  And such a sweet book it is.

We never really thought of it before (until we got our own dog), but dogs (much like children), teach you things. Things like taking time to notice the little things, to be spontaneous and always having your friends back. As Wilma's owner, Rae Dunn says in the introduction, "Wilma has so much wisdom to share, that I couldn't keep it all to myself." And what good advice it is.  Here are a few excerpts:

"take time to REFLECT."

"BLAZE new trails."

"dig DEEP."

"think of all the POSSIBILITIES"

(photo by laura flippen)

The book, which was initially intended for children, became a book for adults after the folks at Chronicle books suggested; and as Rae explains to the New York Times recently in an article,

"The world is so complicated these days, and there’s so much information coming at us, that it’s sensory overload. Wilma teaches me to see the world in a very simple, childlike way, and to home in on the details. People miss so much beauty in the world because they’re not observing. They’re just busy going from place to place, walking down the street and looking at their cellphones."

But really, the book is for both, because even though children do live more zen-like lives (like dogs), sometimes they need to notice (or be aware of) these lessons, or when teenagers, reminded.  And young or old, why should anyone miss out on being reminded of such sage advice now and again, especially from such an adorable dog?  The book, Wilma's World: Good Advice from a Good Dog by Wilma the Dog is available online through and Chronicle Books.

See more of Wilma's world and Rae Dunn's beautiful clay work at Also you can follow them on instagram here.

Jan Halvarson

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