IKEA Launches Wireless Charging Collection

RIGGAD work lamp with wireless charging $79.99
The Swedish retailer has done it again; making us love them all the more (if that's possible), with their new wireless charging collection. Launching in the US late spring, IKEA's new collection makes mobile charging a lot more accessible, yet a lot less obvious.  Some genius stuff here, from endtables and nightstands, to lighting to simple and more portable plug-ins.  They've even created a saw that attaches to your drill to make perfect holes to customize furniture you already have!  How do they work? Simply place your phone on the plus sign. That’s it. All wireless chargers come with a USB outlet, making it possible to charge additional devices also.  Let's take a look!

NORDMÄRKE single pad for wireless
charging $27.99

SELJE nightstand with wireless
charging $59.99

Designer David Wahl explains his thinking behind the charging pads: “I wanted them to blend in easily in the home, but it’s equally important that the pads are easy to use. The result is a charging pad with a simple yet interesting design, that can be used in many places across the home.”

SELJE nightstand with wireless
charging $59.99

Besides the charging pads and wireless chargers that they’ve integrated into furniture, IKEA is also offering a wireless charger that you can build into furniture yourself. Called JYSSEN, it lets you create a wireless charger that’s truly unique and tailored to your needs.


NORDLI nightstand with wireless
charging $109.99

VARV floor lamp with wireless charging $119

VARV table lamp with wireless charging $69.99

RIGGAD work lamp with wireless charging $79.99

NORDMÄRKE single pad for wireless
charging $27.99

NORDMÄRKE triple pad for wireless
charging $64.99

NORDMÄRKE triple pad for wireless
charging $64.99 | ROMMA cord management box $9.99/ea

JYSSEN wireless charger $29.99

IXA 5-piece hole saw set $4.99/5pcs

KOPPLA 3-port USB charger $9.99 +
KOPPLA 5-outlet power strip with
2-port USB charger $14.99

Visit IKEA for more info by clicking here.

Jan Halvarson


Unknown said...

How awesome is that!


Lady Grey said...

Ok that Is beyond cool!!

Beni said...

This is great with kids in house!! Is it in Malaysia ikea store ?


brittanymaree said...

Wow, what a great idea. I am already IKEA mad, this is going to send me over the edge! xx