Guest post by Alessandra Barlassina of Gucki

Zona Tortona. First stop: Ikea temporary shop, Via Vigevano 18. The new collection in cork, Sinnerlig, is really nice. You’ll find it in stores from August. Ikea is very friendly as always and doesn’t forget about our battery recharging needs! 

Lexus. I was very curious about their event and they didn’t disappoint me at all! Via Tortona 32. Light installation to present their new car-prototype. There is also an amazing exhibition: A Journey of the Senses. I really recommend you to go and taste the sound of the rain. Yes you’ve read it right! You can taste a sound. Lexus did it! Amazing!

Lexus Design Award. Finally we can see in person the finalist projects. The theme of this year are 5 senses: digital devices-masks that allow to see the world through animals’ eyes!

The winners are these two smily Italian guys with a wonderful project: Sensewear. They are Emanuela Corti e Ivan Parati – Crvnd. A collection of garments and accessories that emphasize use of human senses. They can be very useful to people with regular or non-regular sensory activities and neurodevelopment disorders. There are necklaces for tasting “BiteMe”, “PumpMe” a jacket with an inflatable device for a calming sensation, an aromatic scarf – a portable collection of familiar scents “PullMe” and other garments. I love this project. I will tell you more in the future! I’m happy that they won the prize!

Superstudio, Via Tortona 27. You have to register, you can do it on-line or if you have a business card you can do it really quickly at the entrance. There are many companies with big installations.

HyundaiSculpture in motion 2.0

Slow SeatingContemporary Chinese Design

In the basement was Design for kids.

Nice installation by Nidi.

Opificio 31. Via Tortona 31. Many things to explore. The bistro-food trucks by Peugeot are super cool!

In Via Tortona there are other locations to explore, such as the Ex Ansaldo with French Design or Tokyo Design.
In Via Olona, the Museo della Scienza e della Tecnica is the location for Kids Design Week. There are many things for kids this year in the Fuorisalone!

A little bit more further there is Spazio Rossana Orlandi, via Bandello 14. A great location with many exhibitors. This is a must of the Fuorisalone!

Colored corner shelves with dividers by Kyuhyung Cho

Carta da parati 3D by Alissa+Nienke / 3D wallpaper by Alissa+Nienke

2016 Arita Pottery. This collection puts together the porcelain making skill of potteries in Arita, Japan, with the talents of 16 international designers.

, Nika Zupanc.

~Alessandra Barlassina 

Jan Halvarson

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Anna said...

I love all of this, in particular the cork furniture from IKEA and the pottery collaboration with Japanese potters, amazing!