DIY Faux Stoneware Necklace

Contributor post by Erick and Emily of Heidi's Bridge

Lately, we've been really inspired by stoneware, especially speckled pieces with playful texture. While taking a pottery class has been on our to-do list for awhile, in the meantime, it's fun to replicate the look at home with our faux stoneware tutorial. While we wouldn't suggest using technique for pieces that hold food, small accessories like this necklace are the perfect application.

You Will Need:
-Suede or leather cord
-Polymer Clay
-Acrylic Paint
-Old Toothbrush
-Skewer (we used the metal skewer of a plant marker)

1. Form clay into desired shapes using your hands. To make cut outs, slightly flatten clay and carefully cut out with knife.
2. Stick center of clay beads with skewer to form the hole. Bake or let air dry, according to directions.
3. To achieve the look of speckled stoneware, dip old toothbrush into paint and brush of excess so that you only have thin coating. String dried bead onto your skewer. Using your thumb, gently pull down on bristles to release light splatters of paint onto bead as your other hand slowly turns the skewer to evenly coat. Rest skewer vertically and allow "faux stoneware" beads dry on skewer.
3. Pain your other accent beads solid color, if desired. To get only light wash of color like our necklace, dab beads with paper towel while still tacky.
4. String beads onto your cord. Tie random knots in the cord for an abstract look.

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Aidel Knaidel said...

Great tutorial! Looking forward to trying this.