DIY Desktop Water Garden

Contributor post by Emily and Erick of Heidi's Bridge

Lately, we've been exploring ways to make our workspace feel more relaxing. Like many small business owners, we clock a lot of hours in our office so it's important that we like hanging out here. In addition to small touches like burning candles, playing music, and adding throw blankets around the room, we've found that adding plants makes the space feel more inviting. Inspired by the simple beauty of outdoor water gardens, we wanted to translate the concept into a smaller version for the office. Read below for the tutorial!

You Will Need:
-Large bowl container (we found our ceramic bowl at thrift store and painted it black)
-Aquatic Plants -- Mixture of anchored plants (we bought "purple golden lantern" and "variegated golden candles" but grasses, canna lilies are other great options) and ones that will float on the surface (lotus, water lilies, water lettuce etc). You can always add floating flowers like we did with these purple hellebore.
-Small rocks


Sourcing note for aquatic plants: we found our aquatic plants at a local pond supply store. Call local garden centers or pond stores for availability. You can purchase them from stores like Lowes or Home Depot later in the season or online anytime here).

1. Start by arranging your "anchored" plants to bottom of the bowl as desired.
2. Cover the rootball of the anchored plants with rocks completely. This will ensure they don't float to the top or move around and mess up your arrangement.
3. Fill your bowl 3/4 of the way full with water.
4. Add floating aquatic plants or flowers to the bowl. Place in light according to the sun preferences of your plants. If using floating flowers, replace flowers and water once a week.


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Anonymous said...

I have been looking for a way to incorporate some green onto my desk! Thank you!


jessanneharrop said...

this is so great!
I'm working my way towards working from home and am dreaming of the day that I get to decorate and create my own office space.

Elsa said...

This looks super pretty and relaxing.