Dispatch from Italy | Fuorisalone 2015 Day 2

Guest post by Alessandra Barlassina of Gucki

Matteo Gonet
Alessandra Barlassina of Gucki is back with Day 2 or her coverage of Fuorisalone 2015 in Milan this week. This time in Ventura Lambrate. Let's take a look!

Here I am again in Ventura Lambrate, you know this is my favorite district! Here you can find the younger designers, new ideas and very interesting researches. This is the place to find the big names of the designs of tomorrow!

I made my DIY cardboard tote bag at Academy of arts, architecture and design in Prague, Via dei Canzi 19. (1 €) No school. No life!

Explore the academies! There are so many cool projects and researches about materials and shapes. Via dei Canzi 19

This is really cool idea: flower compositions holder! I need one… at least! By Marcel Krummenacher.

3D food printer?

Do you need french fries? No problem, they do them in front of you starting from potatoes!

 KADK – The Royal Danish Academy School of Design, Architecture and Conservation. Via die Canzi 14.

Ellinor Ericsson:

Mette Marie Lyng:

Via School of Business, Technology and Creative industries:

Via Privata Oslavia 7:

Monica Albini + Adriana Castillo Cota:

Din-Design In, Via Massimiano 6:


Matteo Gonet:

Studio WM, Via Massimiano 23:

Swinging fan carries the scent into the air! By Studio WM.

Reddish, Via Ventura 6 – the colorant soaks into ceramics without any human action, leaving traces and pattern.

In Via Ventura 6 you can find the Crowdy House shop: I would buy absolutely this CMYK up lamp by Studio Dennis Paren.

A Belgian Village by DiftVia Ventura 12: this is how the Elvis’ Chapel looks like now! By Zangra.

Here you can take a break (even have a sauna!) and discover a Milanese secret garden!


Do you want some DIY? Do It Your Way – Polish Design in piecesVia Ventura 11

And I can’t stop taking pictures of these plants by Wandschappen!

Via Ventura 14:

Back soon with more!

Jan Halvarson


Ana de la Serna said...

I love the balloons lamp!!! It´s a lamp? Isn´t it?

Jan Halvarson said...

Hi Ana - yes it's a light