Cutest Campers | The Hütte Hut

Looking forward to the summer season ahead, we're back with another cute camper post this week, this time with the Hütte Hut teardrop caravan portable camper. Inspired by boat and coach building techniques, the Hütte Hut embraces both artisanal craftsmanship and computerized precision. The double doors and large windows make for an open and expansive experience and we're loving the combination of wood and canvas.  Created by the husband and wife team at Sprouting Sprocket Studio, it’s the perfect size for a weekend getaway!  (Via Sunset).

Jan Halvarson


jessanneharrop said...

okay, now I just need instructions on how to make one!

Elizabeth@ Pine Cones and Acorns said...

I love this little camper! Thanks for sharing

Unknown said...

They're so pretty! And at a cheap $60K give or take!