The Lomo'Instant Boston Edition & Splitzer

Following the worldwide success of their last Kickstarter campaign, Lomography launches their new Lomo'Instant Boston Edition. The package comes with three extra instant lenses - Fisheye, Portrait and Closeup, and to spice things up, Lomography's newly designed accessory - the Lomo'Instant Splitzer, which allows you to segment your shots and shoot endlessly.

Together with other interesting features like long exposure, flash and color filter, the new edition is guaranteed to be blast!  Click here for more info.

Jan Halvarson


Dani said...

This just looks fantastic... I wish it was Christmas time already so I could ask for this camera!

<3 dani

Laura Gingerich said...

I WANT! I love my Lomograophy film camera and now I'll just have to treat myself to one of these.

Hayley said...

This is fantastic! I just bought my first fancy camera, and I'm already wanting to start a whole collection. Would love to get my hands on one of these.

HAZEL said...

I love lomo cameras! And this is so cool! :)