DIY Eye Print Kitchen Towel

Contributor post by  Caitlin of The Merrythought

The eye print trend going on lately might not be for everyone but those quirky prints and sweet lashes have really won my heart! I've been doodling eyes all over everything. I'm currently working on updating my kitchen a bit so naturally some new eye print kitchen towels were in order!

Materials Needed:
-Fabric: Cotton or Linen
-Sewing Machine
-Fabric Paint
-Paint Brush

-Iron fabric.
-Measure and cut out a 21" x 12" piece. (Feel free to change the measurements! I made mine to match the size of another dish towel that I already use.)
-Along the short ends, pull the threads across for a frayed look along the edge.

-Lay the fabric face down and fold the sides in 1/4″ and iron and then fold in again and iron in place.
-Straight stitch along the middle of both folded sides.

-Use fabric paint and a paint brush to paint eyes onto fabric. (If you are nervous to do this freehand - try printing some eyes and taping them to a window and tape your fabric to the window in front of the print. Then you can paint right over it!)

-Let dry according to directions.

Caitlin McGrath lives in a small town in Western New York. When her face isn't hidden behind her camera, she's usually crafting and daydreaming for The Merrythought, where she is a part of the three lady team sharing DIY projects, recipes, fashion, home d├ęcor & and bits of daily life.

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Unknown said...

Simply adorable! Thanks for sharing this DIY tutorial! x


Cattie said...

What a cute idea! And I LOVE the styling in the first photo!

Kreetta said...

Adorable and simple idea. I like it!