9 Weekend Projects to Try

1. DIY Storage for Vinyl
Make a cool wire basket for your records.  Get the how-to from Atilio

2. Do What You Love Print
Wise words and free printable from Tomfo.

3. Minimal Wall Clock
Make a wall clock using a cutting board.  From The Lovely Drawer.

4.  DIY Coasters
Make these pretty coasters out of polymer clay and porcelain paint.  From The Lovely Drawer.

5. Stitchable Notebook
A super cool DIY by Curious and Cat.

6.  DIY Wood Shopping List Roll
A handy dandy shopping list roll by The Merrythought

7. DIY Hexagon Ring Dishes
Who knew you could make dishes like this at home.  Visit Homey Oh My for the how-to!

8. DIY Gold Tattoos
How cool is this? A fun project for spring break with friends!  Get the instructions from The Merrythought.

9.  DIY Fabric Stenciling
A cool idea for a wall hanging using pattern rollers.  From Monstercircus.

Jan Halvarson


Unknown said...

I love those DIY coasters! They would make a great gift!

Unknown said...

Thanks you lovely lady for sharing my "Do what you love" free printable, hope you enjoy it.