9 DIYs of the Week | Easter-Style

The weekend is soon upon us and here our DIY picks of the week. All with a spring or Easter theme!

1. DIY Typography Easter Eggs
by Lovely Indeed
Love these colourful typography-inspired eggs.

2. Spring Rosebud Wreath 
by Ash and Crafts
A beautiful wreath to celebrate spring and greet your guests!

3. DIY Peek-a-boo Bunny Bag
by Minted Strawberry
An adorable egg hunt bunny bag, perfect collecting heaps of finds!

4. Pretty Face Seedling Starters
by Francois et Moi
A cute project for seedling starters, or to decorate a table!

5. Spring Desktop
from The Lovely Drawer
Brighten up your spirits and your desktop with this pretty wallpaper.

6. Chocolate Easter Egg Bark 
by Juniper Cakery
Just like all those Australian cakes we've been seeing lately, now you can make your own by decorating them with your own homemade bark.

7. Egg Terrarium
by Skona Hem
An oldie, but this one just makes it seem so simple.

8. DIY Hanging Easter Egg Planter
by Fall for DIY
Another adorable egg-themed project for plants.

9. Egg Painting with a White Pen
by Skona Hem
A simple idea to decorate eggs using a white paint pen on brown eggs from our Scandinavian friends!

Happy weekend!

Jan Halvarson


Anonymous said...

Oh, that rosebud wreath! I think I'll give that one a go sometime! (:

Rose :: Then Comes Color said...

Omg, I am obsessed with the egg terrarium!!!!

Melissa Blake said...

ooooh, that peek-a-boo bunny is too cute!!! SO excited for spring!

Unknown said...

Thank you so much for featuring my wreath!

Unknown said...

Love these!!

Anonymous said...

Super cute ideas for easter! I particularly liked the hanging easter egg planters.