5 Bedrooms Styles We Love Right Now

1. Casual + Modern
Bohemian and modern, we love this casual set up featuring a bit of a creative edge, like washi-taped art, arts and crafts and bold graphics.

Love the gold, black and peach combination of bedding in this vignette from the Syndey home of Mitch Lindsay and Crystal Bailey (Design Twins) featured last month in Real Living.  Photo by Lyndon Foss (Citizens of Style) | Styling by Tahnee Carroll (Citizens of Style).  See more of their home here.

A fun bedroom styled by Mr. Jason Grant for Nicole Valentine Don, recently spotted on sfgirbybay. Love the pillowcase! Photographed by lauren bamford.  Nicole is a Canadian living in Australia and is also known as Little Nicki online.  Check out her blog The Transcontinental Affair; she is also a weekly contributor to Justina Blakeney’s blog and she can also be found on facebook, pinterest and instagram. Also be sure to check out mr. jason grant's new book by clicking here!

Love the reality of this room.  The way the bed is made, pictures leaning, a candle placed on top of a book.  Whether this is just the way it was left, or intentional, there's something special.  Because it's the bedroom of a Swedish stylist, Pella Hedeby, we're thinking it's all intentional and if so, how brilliant! See more of her home via My Scandinavian Home. A closer shot below.

Another beautiful feel to a room, is this one (below) from Elle Decoration UK.  The painted canvas as a headboard (and the way it's hung), makes for a modern and unique look.  Love.  Via sfgirlbybay.

2. Modern Folk
A fresh take on the traditional.  New linens, a bold rug and a splash of modern folk textiles.

Spotted this adorable bedroom on the cover of April's Style at Home yesterday. A pretty traditional look made cozy mixing reds with pinks, and anchored with a black rod iron headboard and the framing in the windows.  Homeowner Remy Lang created this space for her 7 year old daughter, Mia. Super cute! Photo by Michael Graydon, Styling by Christine Hanlon.

Another adorable children's room, this time featuring twin beds, cozy bedding and folk-inspired rug. Photo from the lovely Scandinavian site, Lovely Life.

3. Modern + Clean
Clean modern lines, some tailored notes.  Simple, minimal, like in a hotel.

We love this space which features minimal elements, similar colour palette, and just a small vase of flowers bedside. Wallpaper and photo from Minikana Lab.  Via our post here.

And even a more tailored look (maybe even masculine) with this brass button headboard found at Urban Outfitters.  Lots of sameness in finishings again, note the brass light, the brass buttons on the headboard, and the brass side table.  Photo Urban Outfitters.

Black on black on black. The low rise Tufty Bed by Patricia Urquiola and the Surface table by Vincent Van Duysen. Photo via B&B Italia via The Pages.

The rich dark paneling make this room feel extra special. Photo by Marcus Lawett. Via DPages.

4. Industrial Modern
Concrete, metal finishes, clean lines.

Just the right combo in this room to create a nice lofty industrial modern space.  Love the warmth that the tree trunks bring to the space, making for a more cosy vibe.  Via dotandbo.com.

5. Japanese Modern
Simple and quiet design with indigo and shibori-inspired textiles on low profile beds and low hanging pendant lighting.

Linen bedding from Bella Notte Linens.

Shibori dyed bedding from Orishibori.

Jan Halvarson


nicole valentine don / little nicki said...

Thanks for the mention!! xx

Unknown said...

They're all so pretty, i don't know which one I'd want more!

Maxine, xo

Jan Halvarson said...

Nicole - fun! love your space!

Unknown said...

I really like the canvas headboard. Very unique! Our bedroom is Halloween themed :)

xo Ashley