Making Magical Photos Using Special FX

Photojojo (one of our go-to sites for photography tips), has this really cool Photo FX Kit in their shop for making some magical photo special effects sans spells!  From creating a little colourful flour power to making pretty prisms —all in one neat little kit to take home to play with!  Perfect for a spring photo shoot we think!  Check out some of the things you can make:

Toss colored flour (or make your own), adding a cloud of colour to an otherwise regular portrait or as they suggest, to add colorful fog to your slo-mo videos.

Prisms make rainbows, rainbows make pretty pictures.  By shooting through the rainbow peephole, you can add colorful swirls and whirls to your photos!

Or write your name with light.  By using an app like Slow Shutter (which let's you shoot long exposures on your phone) and some cool finger lights like these fingertip LED's (below) or use just a flashlight, you can become a master light painter in no time! 

You can learn how to make all of these magical photos using their kit on Photojojo's blog this week too! (Tips even include how to make them without the kit).  Click here for the blog post or click here to see the kit.

Jan Halvarson


Laura Gingerich said...

So cool! I love the kit's packaging too!

Lualunera said...

Wow, i love it!!!!