Fashion Week | J.Crew’s FW15 Women’s and Men’s Collection

With Fashion Week happening right now in NYC, we have a few images to share today from J. Crew's FW15 Women's and Men's collections.

J.Crew Fall/Winter 2015 Women’s Inspiration
The women's Fall/Winter '15 collection was inspired by Peter Schlesinger’s book “Checkered Past”. He captured his friends, including David Hockney, Tina Chow, Paloma Picasso, Eric Boman and Cecil Beaton in the 1960’s and 70’s. The energy of London and these iconic friends inspired the texture, color and silhouettes of the collection - intense yellow, blue violet, pale pinks and lush heather greys paired with textures like faux fur, gorgeous knitwear, burnished shearling, denim and fringe. -Tom Mora, Head of J.Crew Women’s Design

J.Crew Fall/Winter 2015 Men’s Inspiration
The main theme for the men’s collection started with a trip I took to a vintage army/navy show in the south of England. The army supplies, tents, vintage blankets and surplus inherently inspired these pieces with their functionality, but we’ve made them sophisticated. I have an image of Montgomery Clift in a great overcoat which helped inspire the tailoring and fabrications to modernize the clothes for today’s man. Like vintage utility pieces, each of our pieces are functional and have a purpose; every inch of the piece is considered. -Frank Muytjens, Head of J.Crew Men’s Design

The full collections will soon be available for view on

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Lake Nokomis said...

The men's line is as good as ever. The women's line, is a miss for me.