9 Inspiring Work Spaces

Our workspaces are in need of a major makeover and after much hoarding of images over on Pinterest, we think it's high time to get our butts in gear!  But not without sharing vignettes of what we've been inspired by.  Do we go super organized with compartments for everything, or minimal hiding all our gear in a closet?  Which way do you work better?  Clean and serene, or everything at hand? Maybe both?  Let's take a look (links at bottom of post)!

1. Present Time via Bloesem,  2. Fabric Paper Glue via A Beautiful Mess, 3. Paul Massey via Style Files,  4. House and Leisure - March 2015 -Production Mia Vincent | Photo Justin Patrick, 5. Real Living - March 2015 - Photo Maree Homer | Styling Jackie Brown, 6. Inside Out Magazine - Feb 2015 - Styling Kara Rosalund | Photo Alicia  Taylor, 7. How to make a personal studio by Vosges Paris, 8. Hearth view workspace via Interior Magasinet, 9. Ikea shelving from House Number 15.

Jan Halvarson


Abby said...

I love any kind of work space that has a lot of wood in it - it makes it feel more natural to me. I can also pretend I'm in a beautiful forest somewhere too haha. Abby xx


Jan Halvarson said...

Abby - Love that idea!

Catherine said...

I'm very drawn to minimalist studio photos. I've tried containing tools & supplies in a closet for a cleaner look. Pretty for a picture, but not practical for getting my work done.

I've found some balance by keeping frequently used tools out & accessible, while other supplies are contained in Ikea's Alex carts. My room is a mix of white and wood tones -- serene, but cozy.

brittanymaree said...

Love it! These are great. x