Get Organized with IKEA's new SPRUTT Collection

Just in time for the new year, IKEA has launched a new, fresh product, The SPRUTT Collection. A collection of storage, organizers and accessories made for making the busiest times of the day easier. Each piece is modern in design and super functional, not too mention low in price with a fun, graphic look as well (love the white and yellow)! Let's take a look! (Above: SPRUTT cabinet with drawers $89.99, Powder-coated steel).

SPRUTT BASKETS from .69 to .99 cents

SPRUTT BASKETS from .69 to .99 cents

SPRUTT towel holder $19.99

SPRUTT basket $4.99/ea
SPRUTT shower curtain w/pockets $7.99
SPRUTT Duck Storage $19.99

SPRUTT stools with storage $34.99/set of 2

PRUTT clothes-hangers 99¢/4pk

SPRUTT shoe rack $4.99 | SPRUTT 4-tier storage basket $29.99

SPRUTT knob rack with 25 knobs $24.99
SPRUTT cart $39.99

SPRUTT cart $39.99
Note:  All product is in US dollars and available in the US in February.  No word yet if available in Canada.  

Jan Halvarson


Unknown said...

Love the look of this collection! IKEA has some really practical pieces for the home :)

Emily said...

Oh man I am so excited about this. I can totally see using the towel holder as a throw holder. Also I love the SPRUTT cabinet and price! The cart is cute too.