7 DIY Projects of the Week

Friday is rolling up fast and it's almost time for a weekend project!  Here's some of our favorites we've come across this week!

1.  Nested Clay Bowls
Using air-dry clay, make a set of nested bowls. By This Heart of Mine.

2. Printable Calendar
Grab a free printable calendar with some lovely patterns from Oh The Lovely Things

3.  DIY Washi Tape Geometric Heart
by Homey Oh My!

4. DIY Desk Calendar
by Anna by Annabode for Homemade by Carmona

5. Printable Valentines Cards
by Almost Makes Perfect

6.  DIY Woven Stool
by The Learner Observer

7.  Easy Glittery Banner
by Blitsy

Jan Halvarson


Annabode said...

Thank you so, so much for featuring my project! I <3 Poppytalk!

Dani Newman said...

Love all of these, thank you! Rainy day here in Brisbane & I'm making cardboard safari animals with my crafty mum friends. Might try some of those gorgeous nested clay bowls too! x

Unknown said...

Love these, especially the printable calendars! Thanks for sharing!

birdandfox said...

Oooh what a gorgeous selection! I particularly love the calendars and bowls! Thanks for the suggestions :)

Blvck said...

Haha, I like the washi tape heart! I might just try to do a huge one in my bedroom. XD


The Working Mummy said...

Great ideas. Washi tape is the best!!