Hotel Style | Gingerbread BNB

When we spotted this sweet one-of-a-kind gingerbread house this morning on, we knew we had to include it in our Hotel Style series.  This fully restored vintage candy camper is stocked with sugary amenities to make any gingerbreadman swoon!  We loved the pink bubblegum interior walls and cozy licorice rug; also of note—the fruit roll deck chairs and matching awning are to die for!  Check out the amenities:

  • Stainless-sugar kitchen
  • Ginger-bunk beds with sour licorice linens provided
  • ½ candy bathroom (will not fit all gingerpeople)
  • Fully stocked macaroon fridge
  • Gingerbread sofa converts into tiny bed
  • 5-ounce heater provides melted chocolate for the house
  • Spare cookie tire (for emergency eating only)
  • Fruit roll awning attached to camper roof
  • Private patio with gummy grill
  • Two pretzel wheel beach cruisers included with your stay
Gingerbread trailer and other gingerbread homes by PropTarts and photos by Tony Pearce .
Book a virtual stay for yourself or as a holiday gift. Your rental will help give a real home to a family in need this season. Revenue goes to Robin Hood, a New York charity that provides shelter to homeless families.

Hat tip to Treehugger

More pics below:

Jan Halvarson


Liz @ FloatingKitchen said...

This is absolutely amazing! I'm blown away by all the details!

Anonymous said...

This is the best! So much better than a gingerbread house! :-)

Unknown said...

Ha! I love this!!

Liz said...

OMG this is everything! :D