DIY: Old Skateboards into Furniture

 “Creative Recycling”, is the third of five interactive workshops from Converse. Taking place now through Spring 2015, these multi-city workshops entitled, CONS Project, are a series of community events designed to inspire the next generation of creative spirits through interactive skate, art and music workshops.

Converse, along with Jason Podlaski, craftsman and founder of skateboard recycling company, Deckstool, recently led a New York workshop where participants were invited to build their own stools made from recycled skate decks. Photo credit Zander Taketomo.

Out of the workshop came a step-by-step guide on how to create your own deckstool, at home:


• Two (2) Full or Two (2) 3/4 Skateboards
• One (1) Half Skateboard
• Skateboard Truck
• Long Bolts
• Lock Nuts

• Power Sander or Sandpaper
• Power Drill
• Power Saw
• Screw Driver


1.) The stool requires (2) Full or (2) 3/4 skateboards for the each leg and (1) half skateboard for the seat.
2.) Cut both full boards (or 3/4 skateboards) to 18" length for the legs.

3.) Cut the half board to 12" length, ensuring the truck holes are located in the center of the board.
4.) Sand all edges of each board to make smooth.

5.) Drill one hole (approximately 3/8" in diameter) in the center of the truck holes on each leg.
6) Drill out existing four (4) truck holes on seat to fit long bolts.

7.) Insert each side of skateboard truck through holes drilled into each leg and secure from opposite side with lock nut.
8.) Attach the stool seat to the truck using long bolts and lock nuts.

9.) Tighten the screws gradually, rotating between the four bolts on the seat, while simultaneously tightening the lock nuts on stool legs until stool is steady and sturdy.
10.) You’re done! Now take a load off on your brand new seat.

There are going to be 2 more DIY themed workshops happening in NYC, Toronto, Boston and LA in early 2015 and people can look for info coming soon at

Jan Halvarson


serif said...

Good work ! Thanks for the share

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This would be awesome in a teen boys room!