9 Adorable DIY Ornaments

A few magical ornament-making projects found amongst the blogs today. So many crafty people! Makes for some fun weekend projects. Check them out!

1. Diorama Ornaments
by My So Called Crafty Life

2. Clay Decorations
by The Lovely Drawer

3. Painted Ornaments
by Tell Love and Chocolate

4. DIY Cactus Ornament
by Vintage Revivals

5. Marbled Ornaments
by Gina Michele

6. DIY Wood Ornaments
by Kristi Murphy

7. Brushstroke Ornament
by Vitamini Handmade

8. Globe Ornament
by Brittany Makes

9. Clay Gift Tag Ornaments
by Movita Beaucoup

Jan Halvarson


SOLARA said...

Hi, there's no link for 4. DIY Cactus Ornament. I would love to see the original post, thanks.

Unknown said...

Great finds. Especially love the cactus and diorama.

Jan Halvarson said...

Solara - oops! thanks have fixed!

Ham Recycling said...

Great Job, Love the hand made designs of the ornaments. Some of the nicest colors i have seen.

J9nKidz said...

Love love love. Thanks for fixing the cactus! I thought it was just my iPad. Happy Holidays!

austin-sara.blogspot.com said...

LOVE these! And thanks for featuring my painted ornaments xoxo