Work Smarter Hand Lettering Tutorial

As much as I swoon over calligraphy and hand lettering, there’s a slim chance that I’ll ever posses such a talent. What can I  say, my handwriting is terrible. Thankfully though, there’s an easy way to mimic your favorite typeface!

Time: 15 minutes
Materials: glass, sharpie, embroidery floss, stencil, tape

For this project you could use any glass surface. If you’d like to hang yours as well, I recommend a picture frame (just remove the backing and glue the glass in place), or even the lid off of a glass jewelry box (with the hinges still on for hanging).

1. Find a font you like and print it out, making sure it will fill the surface area of your glass. I used Brannboll Fet in 96 pt. Trim to size and tape in place on the back so it doesn’t move.

2. Trace over your phrase with a Sharpie. The fewer lines you make, the smoother the final piece will be.

3. Remove the stencil and make any corrections. Hang with embroidery floss or the cord of your choosing and enjoy!

Contributed by:

Rachel Mae Smith lives in Portland, Oregon. She loves do-able diys and strives to make crafting easy and fun over on her blog The Crafted Life. When she’s not pinning pictures, or brushing glitter out of her hair, you can find her exploring and photographing the Bay Area.

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Well Done!

Rebekah @ Ritzy Reba said...

I have a spot in my gallery wall where I want something with some texture/dimension and I think you just helped me figure out what to put there! :) Thanks!